Workpackages (WP)

WP1: Preparation for Project Activities

D1.1. Workshop and focus groups to analyse needs, gaps and possibilities for common curricula development
D1.2. Reports and BECK capacity building framework
D1.3. Guidelines and accreditation rules for the quality assurance of MOOCs

WP2: Development of New Adaptive MOOC Modules on Consumer’s Behaviour Related to Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

D2.1. Framework report for the common BECK curriculum
D2.2. The report on common grounds for teaching and learning
D2.3. Trained teachers
D2.4. Adaptive MOOC module specifications and teaching (learning) materials
D2.5. Assessed, recognised and certificated adaptive MOOCs and integrated to corresponding studies by universities in Russia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (upgraded programmes)

WP3: Development and Exploitation of the Simulated Big Data Interuniversity Networked Affective Educational Centre

D3.1. Simulated Big Data Interuniversity Networked Affective Educational Centre
D3.2. Retrained teaching staff
D3.3. Educated students according to new adaptive, recognised and certificated MOOC modules
D3.4. Virtually trained executives from built-environment organizations
D3.5. Virtually trained administrators/specialists working in construction and environment ministries
D3.6. Improved MOOCs according to stakeholders recommendations

WP4: Quality assurance

D4.1. Quality plan
D4.2. Reports on internal monitoring results
D4.3. Reports on external monitoring results

WP5: Dissemination and exploitation of project results

D5.1. Dissemination and exploitation plan
D5.2. Dissemination through branch organizations
D5.3. Dissemination through websites
D5.4. Printed and online dissemination materials
D5.5. Dissemination events
D5.6. Sustainability plan

WP6: Management

D6.1. Meeting minutes and Skype minutes
D6.2. Official and internal reports on project progress