Global warming

Observed temperature changes

NASA | Projected U.S. Temperature Changes by 2100

NASA Sees Temperatures Rise and Sea Ice Shrink – Climate Trends 2016

Global temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2018

What Will Temperatures Be Like in 2100?

Satellite observed monthly mean daily maximum air temperature & frozen period

Global temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2017

Global Warming Changes in Annual Average Temperature Distribution

Animation: How temperature has changed in each country since 1900

Berkeley Earth’s Global Warming Movie for 2018

Temperature Changes – GCSE Science Required Practical

Earth’s Long-Term Warming Trend, 1880-2015

C L I M A T E A L E R T !

Surface Temperatures from Climate Change vs. Geoengineering

What’s REALLY Warming the Earth?

GCSE Science Chemistry (9-1) Required Practical 4: Temperature Changes

Why a Half Degree Rise in Global Temperature Would Be Catastrophic

Global Temperature Change…Climatologist Cliff Harris

What Will Temperatures Be Like in 2100?

Climate Change: Summer Temperature Anomalies for the Northern Hemisphere, 1955-2011

Global Temperature Changes

Assessing temperature pattern projections made in 1989 – Stouffer and Manabe

Climate Change: What Happens If The World Warms Up By 2°C?

Five-Year Global Temperature Anomalies from 1880 to 2015

Six Decades of Temperature Change in Six Seconds

Regional trends

The regional impact of climate change around the globe

Climate Change and Regional Impacts

For 15 years, GRACE tracked freshwater movements around the world

2018 fourth warmest year in continued warming trend, according to NASA, NOAA

The impact of climate change in Southern Africa

Climate change: cities and regions taking action – European Committee of the Regions

Record-breaking climate trends 2016 – rising temperatures and shrinking sea ice

Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America & The Caribbean

Climate Change Adaptation and Population Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean pt2

For 15 years, GRACE tracked freshwater movements around the world

Trends in Climate Change

Rainfall Variability and Drought in the Hawaiian Islands

The politics of climate change in the US – TechKnow

Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Forum

Climate Change in New England: What’s Next?

The global climate is changing: Cayman Islands

Climate change: cities and regions taking action – European Committee of the Regions

Lessons from the European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA)

Climate change: Europe’s melting glaciers | DW Documentary

Climate Change Sea Level Rise

Short-term slowdowns and surges

Long-Term and Short-Term Changes in Climate

Lesson 5 Long term and Short term Changes in Climate

Climate change is long term and irreversible

Earth’s Long-Term Warming Trend, 1880-2015

Climate change and the challenge of long-term thinking | Adam Sobel | TEDxBroadway

Linking short-term conflict impact to long-term climate change – Interview with Johan Schaar

USA Climate Change – Progression of 20-year Temperature Averages (Updated)

Long term climate change, climate feedbacks and weathering

Short term+long changes in climate

Long term climate change

Long and Short term changes in weather

Short-Term Climate Change Mitigation Strategies for California

Long-Term (2050) Climate Change Mitigation Strategies for California

Bill Karsell Part I Short Term Global Warming Considerations

Physical drivers of recent climate change

Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

U.N. report warns on the impacts of climate change

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gases: Climate Change, Lines of Evidence: Chapter 3

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming | Environmental Science | LetsTute

The Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

Understanding Climate Change – How Greenhouse Gases Warm the Earth

Explaining The Greenhouse Effect | Sustainability

Which Greenhouse Gas is Actually the WORST? | Hot Mess 🌎

Removing atmospheric greenhouse gases to prevent dangerous climate change

What is the greenhouse effect? | Global Ideas

Removing atmospheric greenhouse gases to prevent dangerous climate change

Climate change and the greenhouse gas factor

Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic

Climate Change: CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs In The Atmosphere

GCSE Chemistry – Global Warming & Climate Change #53

Greenhouse Gas Emissions – History Of Climate Change Research

Global Warming and Climate Change | What is Greenhouse Effect? (Geo Project)

How Animal Agriculture Affects Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Climate Change

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

Greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle and climate change english subs

Green House Gas Effect Experiment – Climate Change and Modeling

How do greenhouse gases work?

How Greenhouse Gases Warm the Earth

Can a greenhouse gas save the planet? | John Gargasz | TEDxPortsmouth

Climate Science 1; There is No “Greenhouse Effect”

Greenhouse Effect | #aumsum

Climate Change: Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise

Climate Change Impacts: Why Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? | The Way We Green Speakers Series

Climate Change Rap 1-Mr. W’s Greenhouse Effect Rap

Essential Climate Variables: Greenhouse gases

The Worst Greenhouse Gas Might Surprise You | Answers With Joe

Land use change

Climate Change : How Land Use is accelerating the crisis

Climate and Land Use Change

Stanford on Earth: Measuring land use change and human impact with technology

Land use and climate change: new pressures and new possibilities? (2018)

Climate and Land-Use Change

UK’s land use must alter to limit climate change l A New Climate

Land Use and Adapation – Traditional Knowledge and Climate Science series

Climate Change and Land: Is the IPCC being straight with us?

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land – Trailer

How much blue carbon loss and recovery following land-use change?

Mitigating the risks of indirect landuse change from biofuels

Climate Change and Land Use Impacts on Freshwater Mussels

Sampurno Bruijnzeel: Breakthroughs in Tropical landuse change impacts

Land Resource ; Land Use Change

Land Use and Climate Change: a talk by Nikki Jones

Eric Lambin: Land Use and Land Cover Change

Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Belize’s Water Resources

Land use changes: assessing climate change effects

Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Belize’s Water Resources

Marc Olivier Herman on Biofuels and Climate: The Indirect Land Use Change Challenge

Live | Are climate change and land use linked? IPCC releases its new report

Land use & climate change

Land Degradation and Climate Change

Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist

Aerosols and soot

Aerosols and soot

Aerosols: How they affect atmospheric warming

Aerosol impacts on climate and the environment

Our Particulate Atmosphere: Aerosols and Black Carbon in a Changing Climate

Black Carbon Aerosols Cause Global Dimming But Overall Warming

NASA’s Earth Minute: Earth Has a Fever

Stop Soot, Black Carbon, and Global Warming – Earthjustice

Atmospheric Aerosols: Health Environment and Climate Effects

The Impact of Aerosols on Climate Sensitivity Estimates

Aerosols and Clouds: In Cahoots to Change Climate

Aerosols and Climate Change – Philip Russell (SETI Talks)

Study: Soot Is Second Leading Cause of Global Warming

Animation: How aerosols lead to extreme rainfall

Aerosols & Climate Change – Prof. S.K. Satheesh (24-1-2014)

Global Dimming – The Aerosol Masking Effect

Out of the Smog: Aerosols mask global warming—Interview w/Dr. Robert Allen—Radio Ecoshock 2019-02-21

Global Warming Science – 3.1.5 – Radiative forcing by aerosols

Global Warming Science – 2.4.3 – Aerosol effects on climate

Global Warming – Science and Modelling of Climate Change 7.5 – Aerosols

Global Warming Science – 2.4.5 – Natural and anthropogenic aerosols

Minor forcings: the Sun and short-lived greenhouse gases

Temperature impacts of short-lived climate pollutants and greenhouse gases over time

The Solutions to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Short-lived climate pollutants

Co-benefits of reducing short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs)

Reducing emissions of short-lived climate pollutants – EELA

How Much Does the Sun Affect Earth’s Climate?

The Sun’s Cycle and Climate Change

The sun and the climate

NASA Now: The Sun: The Impact of Solar Activity on Earth

Solar Variability and Climate – Joanna D. Haigh

Is shading the Earth from the sun a solution to climate change?

What’s the New NASA Admin’s Position on Climate Change?

Understanding Solar Activity and Climate – Perspectives on Ocean Science

A solution to the misrepresentations of CO2 equivalent emissions of short lived climate pollutants

Why short-lived climate pollutants are necessary to achieve climate goals

Methane emissions and global warming

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

Co-benefits of reducing short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs)

Climate change feedback

Climate Tipping Points from Cascading Feedbacks

Climate Feedbacks

Catastrophic Feedback Loops – Runaway Climate Change

Climate Feedback “EXPOSED”

Positive feedback loops and global warming

Three climate change tipping points are dangerously close

Long term cliamte change, climate feedbacks and weathering


Feedback Mechanisms & Catastrophic Climate Change – David Wasdell

Climate Change In The United States, What To Expect with Professor Mark Maslin

Overview Of Abrupt Anthropogenic Climate Change

Game Over for the Climate?

Water Vapor and Climate

The Feedback Loop: Ecological Damage Soon Beyond Control

Climate models

What is a Climate Model?

How do climate models work?

Climate Models | Global Weirding

Climate Modeling 101 – Grid Resolution

Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?

Climate Models – How Do We Know?

5.1 Introduction to Climate Modeling

Climate Model Predictions: History versus Observations

How Climate Scientists Predict the Future

The Mathematics of Climate Change

Accuracy – Climate Modeling

Why we can trust climate models

Debunking: “Climate Change Model Predictions Are Unreliable!”

Climate Models that Predicted Warming are Wrong

2.1.2 Global climate models (GCMs)

Climate Models and Climate Sensitivity

Climate modelling

Global Warming Science – 3.2.1 – Equations of climate models

Limitations – Climate Modeling

Freeman Dyson on Global Warming 1of2 Bogus Climate Models

Prof Bill Grey – Why Climate Models are Wrong

What Are Climate Models Good For?

The Incredible Track Record of Early Climate Models

Astrophysicist Exposes UN Climate Models as Wrong

Understanding Climate Models

Understanding uncertainty in climate models


Physical environment

Changes in climate extremes and their impacts on the natural physical environment

Built Environment Climate Change Innovations (BECCI)

“EU Referendum: Environmental & climate change consequences for the built environment”

Dipesh Chakrabarty Keynote Address – Climate Change and the Scales of Environment 5 of 5

Climate Change and the Built Environment

Cities and Climate Change: Making the Links | Sara Hughes | TEDxUofT

How do buildings affect the environment

Environment and Climate Change

How Does Global Warming Effect The Environment | Environmental Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool

Electric Cars & Global Warming Emissions

Environmental effects of Global Warming – WELS (Waterpedia Environmental Learning Series)

Environmental issues: Green house effect and Global warming in most easiest way

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming | Environmental Science | LetsTute

Climate change impacts in Europe

Ecological effects of global warming

How volcanoes change the climate | The Economist

7 INSANE Effects of Climate Change in Your Lifetime

Global Warming and its Effect on Wildlife

A Plastic Wave – A documentary film on plastic pollution

Пластиковый океан


How does climate change affect biodiversity?

State of ignorance – climate change and the biosphere

Biosphere-Climate Interactions — Iain Colin Prentice

Climate Change: The State of the Science

Climate Change, The Biosphere & Ontario’s North: Dr. Nathan Basiliko at TEDxLaurentianU

Biosphere Restoration To Save Our Souls From Climate Change

Tipping Points in Climate & Biosphere Function: Prof Tim Lenton (November 2018)

Unanticipated Future Change in the Land and Ocean Biosphere

Human impacts on Biodiversity | Ecology and Environment | Biology | FuseSchool

Jeremy Rifkin on Climate Change and Diet [BIOSPHERE CONSCIOUSNESS]

Carbon Dioxide: Benefiting the Biosphere

Biosphere 2 – Farming on Mars & Climate Change

Martin Parry – Global impacts of climate change on the biosphere

Tim Lenton – Tipping Points in Climate and Biosphere Function

Understanding The Science Of Climate Change | Earth’s Survival | Spark

Biosphere Friday – Climate Change and the Planet

Biosphere and Climate

Biosphere Expeditions: Coral reef conservation, Honduras

Climate, The Earth’s Atmosphere & The Biosphere | Prof Raghu Murtugudde

Climate Energy Challenge – 4.11 – PETM Impact on the Biosphere

Weather and climate in the biosphere

Ecosystems and Climate Change

Global Warming – Science and Modelling of Climate Change 8.5 – The Battery of the Biosphere


Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change

Scientists are 95% sure humans are causing climate change

Are human causing climate change?

What is the impact of human activity on climate change?

Climate change report says humans “extremely likely” to blame for warming

An Archaeological Perspective on Humans and Climate Change

Natural and Human Causes of Past and Future Climate Change

Climate Change: Humans ARE Causing Global Warming

Human CO2 and Climate Change

Humans have caused climate change for 180 years

Food and water

The diet that helps fight climate change

What If Earth Ran Out Of Water And Food?

A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | Sara Menker

Food Population and Security – Water Climate and Society: Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World

Adapting to Climate Change in FSM. The Food & Water Security Dimension

Climate Health Connection Food and Water Insecurity

UN Climate Change Food And Water

When Will People In The United States Be Affected By Climate Change, Food Shortages, Water

Climate Change & Food Security | Explained

How could veganism change the world? | The Economist

3MT Agriculture, Food & Water and Climate Change | Washington University

The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

The Perfect Storm: Food, energy, water security and climate change: Sir John Beddington

Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

Keynote: The Great Challenge: Farming, Food and Climate Change

Water and Climate Change: Nobel Week Dialogue 2018

SURVIVAL CHALLENGES: Food & Water Security in Tuvalu

How climate change could make our food less nutritious | Kristie Ebi

Supersizing Climate Change: U.N. Says Meat Production Destroys Land & Diminishes Key Water Sources

Food waste is the world’s dumbest problem

Global Warming – Food and Water Security

Climate change is affecting the food you eat. Here’s how

This Is How Climate Change Leads To Food Shortages That Affect You

Sustainable Development: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus | RWTHx on edX

The National Security Implications of Climate Change and Food Security

How to ensure Food Security in times of Climate Change

Food Disruption, Climate Change, and Ocean Sources of Food: Part 1 of 3

The Future of Food

MEAT & Climate Change, Water Shortage, Food Scarcity, Deforestation, Ocean Collapse & Biodiversity

The Futuristic Farms That Will Feed the World | Freethink | Future of Food

Agriculture, water and climate change in Africa

NOW 2016 | The Reality of Climate Change: Impacts on Health, Food, Water and National Security

Health and security

The Costs of Climate Change: From Coasts to Heartland, Health to Security

Climate change and health (part 1)

Health and security aspects of climate change

The Costs of Climate Change: From Coasts to Heartland, Health to Security

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: 2018 report

The health impacts of climate change

Climate Health Connection Food and Water Insecurity


Climate Change and National Security 

Climate Change is Affecting Our Health. Is There a Cure? | Jonathan Patz | TEDxOshkosh

Health, security and economic benefits of tackling climate change

Climate Change and Human Health: Impacts and Pathways to Resilience

Climate Change: Health and Disease Threats | The Forum at HSPH

Drumbeat to Cop 20: Linking Reproductive Health, Food Security, and Climate Change

Tom Burke of E3G talking about climate change, health and security

Climate Change Will Impact Health 

WHO: Climate Change and Health 

Climate Change: It’s About Health | Kaiser Permanente 

Climate Change and Human Health: The Vicious Cycle of Negative Impacts

Climate Change and Health

How climate change can impact your health 

Health and Climate Change: A Febrile Planet? 

Climate Change and Water Security 

Climate change – one of the biggest global health threats of this century

Livelihoods, industry, and infrastructure

How climate change is hitting livelihoods in Brazil’s mangrove forests

Bangladesh: Climate Change Threatens Livelihood 

Climate Change Adaptation in Zimbabwe with a Focus on Rural Livelihoods

Livelihood as Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 

The Changing Climate of Livelihoods (Trailer) 

REDD+Liberia: Forest Management by the people for local livelihoods and environmental services 

Climate Change is Challenging Rural Livelihoods 

PPCR Learning Series Session 6: Climate Resilience & Sustainable Livelihoods

Impacts of climate change on rural communities’ livelihoods in Indonesia, Malawi, Kenya and Ozeania 

How climate change is hitting livelihoods in Brazil’s mangrove forests

How Bangladesh has adapted to climate change | The Economist

Impact of Climate change on Livelihoods 

Livelihood futures

Climate Change Adaption and Developing Livelihoods 

Himalica Documentary (Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalayas)

Scientists say Climate Change, Dams Threaten Mekong Livelihoods

Sustainable Livelihoods & Adapting to climate change in Vanuatu 

Sustainable Livelihoods & Climate Change Discussion

Climate Change: A Growth Industry? #GZW132 

New risks and opportunities for fishing industry with climate change 

Climate Change and Extractive Industries / 2017 

Where the oil industry and climate change meet – BBC News

The fashion industry and climate change – Change for Climate Talks

Exxon Knew In The 70s

How emissions from big industrial polluters are undermining Australia’s climate efforts

Climate Change and the Ski Industry | Elizabeth Burakowski | TEDxBelmont

Is the aviation industry free-riding on climate change efforts? 

Examining the Oil Industry’s Efforts to Suppress the Truth about Climate Change

Here’s how climate change is impacting the ski industry 

Environmental Impact Of Aviation Emissions & CO2 On Climate Change

Climate change effects on a global industry 

International Aviation and Climate Change — global solutions for a global industry

Reducing CO2 emissions from industry – Dr Tamaryn Napp 

Could climate change kill snow industries? 

Climate and Infrastructure I: Why does it matter? 

Financing Climate Futures: Rethinking Infrastructure

How to Invest Smartly in Infrastructure to Limit Climate Change 

Report: Climate change threatens aging U.S. infrastructure 

How failing infrastructure and climate change leave many South Africans without water

Countries upgrade infrastructure, technology to cope with climate change

Infrastructure & Climate Change | Ep#3 | AXA Research Fund 

Webinar on infrastructure and climate change 

City infrastructure threatened by changing climate 

Episode 137: How Can Cities Adapt to Climate Change?

WISE-UP to Climate – Natural Infrastructure Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change in the Pacific: COASTS (narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Protecting our infrastructure from climate change 

Climate change: building resilience in infrastructure assets 

India’s Modi on Climate Change, Infrastructure, Social Media 

Blackouts & Fires in California: Climate Change, Aging Infrastructure & Energy Monopolies

Green Infrastructure: A Blueprint for Climate Resilient Communities

Internet Infrastructure Could Be Underwater Due To Climate Change

Climate change, volatility and impacts on global infrastructure 

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Caribbean Coastal Transport Infrastructure

Your Elected Officials Need to Unequivocally Support Bike Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change

Investing in Green Infrastructure 

Preparing our infrastructure for climate change 

Addressing Climate Change Through Urban Infrastructure 

Researchers: Climate change already affecting state’s infrastructure

Green Infrastructure and Climate Change 

Drivers of greenhouse gas emissions

Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

The Worst Greenhouse Gas Might Surprise You | Answers With Joe

How Do Greenhouse Gases Actually Work?

Climate Change: Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise

Key points from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report| ITV News

Climate Change: Germany’s carbon emissions keep rising

Addressing Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Climate Change

Carbon Pricing : Kill or Cure?

Reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions and the Clean Growth Strategy

Korea to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37%

Will Climate Change Stop If We Stop Emitting Carbon Tomorrow? | Hot Mess

Combatting Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Global Climate Change Policy

How Animal Agriculture Affects Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Climate Change

The diet that helps fight climate change

Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Perspectives from California

Driving down greenhouse gas emissions from transport with fast charging for electric cars

Uncertainties in Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change

Effort sharing: driving Europe’s ambitious climate goals

Canada Government Proposes Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EU agricultural emissions: On the table

Cities are key to driving economic growth and fighting climate change

Decoupling: Economic Growth – Transport – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Conversation with global warming skeptic Anthony Watts

Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage | EdinburghX on edX

Monitoring the atmosphere to reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions

NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

Diane Pataki – Urban Growth & Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

The Role of Technology in Accelerating Climate Action

Saudi Aramco – The biggest contributor to CO2 Emission

DSDS 2015, February 5 : Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Arild Angelsen – Climate Change Mitigation

The Importance of Changing Diets for Climate Mitigation

Mitigation to Climate Change

Greenhouse gas mitigation efforts are increasing in developing countries | Journal

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Agriculture


What is Climate Change Adaptation?

Climate Change: Adaptation

What is Climate Change? Mitigation and Adaptation in Romania

Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

Climate Change Adaptation: it’s time for decisions now | GIZ

Adapting to climate change in Eastern and Southern Africa

How Bangladesh has adapted to climate change | The Economist

Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

Smart climate change adaptation in practice

Adapting to climate change in the Sahel

Can wildlife adapt to climate change? – Erin Eastwood

Adaptation to Climate Change: What Do the Data Say?

Adapting to a changing climate

Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations

Climate Adaptation is About People

Climate change and agricultural adaptation

Climate Adaptation & Landscape Architecture

Linking Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation In Agriculture And Forestry

Climate Change Adaptation and Development in Nepal

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Climate Change and the Agricultural Sector

Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change in Tuvalu. The Fresh Water Dimension

America’s Climate Choices: Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change

The Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

An Assessment of Global Climate Change: Mitigation, Adaptation and Sustainable Development

Climate Change Adaptation Practices for Sustainable Livelihoods

Predicting future challenges: Creating a foresight methodology for climate change adaptation

Building resilience to climate change in the Pacific: Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project

European Climate Change Adaptation conference 2019

Energy Audit

The future of energy 

SimCity Revisited – Modeling the Energy Performance of Cities | Harvard Thinks Green  

Columbia University Energy Symposium 2013 – Emerging Issues in Energy Policy  

The Walk Through Energy Audit  

Shocking Home Energy Audit Video – ProMaster Cincinnati  

Commercial Energy Auditing Presentation

How to make *Energy Audits* work for your Building

The Walk Through Energy Audit

The Comprehensive Energy Audit

Energy Audits and Building Assessments

Energy use in buildings/overview – HVAC technologies

Energy Audit – Green Build Edition – Today’s Green Minute

Commercial Energy Audits – Go Green, Save Green.

Energy Audits & Retro-Commissioning: Local Law 87 — Associated Renewable

Smart Energy Management for Any Size Building

Future of Demand Side Energy Management – Opportunities and Challenges

Energy efficiency and energy savings: a view from the building sector

Building Energy Monitoring System – Energy Savings for Commercial Properties

Getting Started – ISO 50001 Energy Management – Pt 1 of 4

Strategic Energy Management Webinar

Energy 101: Home Energy Assessment

Energy efficiency in engineering systems

Catalyzing Climate Change Solutions  

MIT Researchers Develop Material To Turn Solar Energy Into Steam  

Game Changing Technologies: Innovation from Energy Source to Application In Brief  

Unlocking energy efficiency in transport | Andreas Schäfer, University College London (UCL)  

Energy-Saving Strategies for Water-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems  

Energy Efficient Building Systems  

Systems Engineering Building Advances Power Grid Research  

How to save energy and increase efficiency HVAC

Design Green HVAC & R Machines Using Energy Efficient Controls

HVAC: Energy Efficient Measurements (Heating and Air Conditioner Service Tips – Union, MO)

How Does IceCOLD® Work? – Energy Efficiency HVAC – Refrigeration Cycle

Demonstrated Energy Efficient Lighting and HVAC Technologies

IPI Webinar: Investigate your HVAC System & Identify Potential Energy Savings

HVAC Energy Savings Interview

Coleman HVAC — Long Term Energy Savings

Climate change and urban environment

Climate Change and the Built Environment

Climate adaptation in cities

Urban Environmental Management and Climate Change

Urban Environmental & Climate Change (UECC)

Cities and climate change

2 Degrees: The Built Environment and Our Changing Climate

Built Environment Climate Change Innovations (BECCI)

Building for climate change – Imagining the Future City: London 2062

Climate Change, the Science – 6.1 – Human health and the built environment

How can the built environment help reduce carbon emissions?

EU Referendum: Environmental & climate change consequences for the built environment

Built Environment Climate Change Innovations (BECCI)

Big Questions for a Better Built Environment

The Effect of Climate Change on Urban Climate and Built Environmnet – Prof. Ryozo Ooka – Part 1

Case Studies in Climate Change Adaptation, Transportation & Built Environment – Nicholas Rajkovich

Case Studies in Climate Change Adaptation, Transportation & Built Environment – Josh DeFlorio

Case Studies in Climate Adaptation, Transportation & Built Environment – Tim Burroughs

Coastal Cities and built environment in response to climate change | Abimanyu T Alamsyah

New York and Climate Change

Dipesh Chakrabarty Keynote Address – Climate Change and the Scales of Environment 5 of 5

B14: LEED and Climate Change

Adapting Buildings: Climate Hazard Profiles

10-28-14 Climate Adaptation and Scenarios for the Built Environment

Brian Stone, Jr.: “Climate Change in US Cities: Managing A Rising Tide of Extreme Heat”

Synopsis: From Sandy to Snowvember: Climate Change and Buildings in New York State Symposium

Low carbon urbanisation – sustainable solutions for the built environment value chain

World Built Environment Forum Summit, New York, 13-14 May 2019

Cities and Climate Change: Making the Links | Sara Hughes | TEDxUofT

UMDSU3 Group 2: Urban Environmental Management and Climate Change

Urbanization and Climate Change

New Urban Perspectives: Climate Change, Refugees, and Planning

How can climate change be considered in city planning?

Cities and Climate Change Pathways to Urban Transformation